Path To Ownership Program

DriveItAway provides access to immediate, on-demand employment, and Get Credit Healthy provides the resources needed to build credit. Together, they are working to ensure that you are able to make that dream of owning your own car a reality and make that path to ownership that much easier.

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Set your own schedule. Work as little or as much as you want, when you want. Be your own boss.

Whether you drive full time, or just do it here and there for some extra cash, drivers have the flexibility that you simply won’t find with many traditional jobs, which is why driving for a ride sharing company like Lyft or Uber is such an attractive option.

One of the most common and, often the most often difficult hurdle to overcome, is meeting the vehicle requirements to become a driver. In fact, over 40 percent of the people who sign up to drive either don’t have an appropriate vehicle or don’t have any vehicle at all.

DriveItAway and Get Credit Healthy have partnered up to get drivers into the vehicles they need and on the path to ownership.

Now there's a solution that can help drivers get on the road right away and make enough money to buy the vehicles they need.

Get On The Road

DriveItAway has established relationships with local car dealerships and created a platform that allows people who want to drive for a ride sharing company to select a vehicle at a reasonable daily rate, and begin driving immediately. 

Obviously, this is a great temporary solution to get on the road and start making some money, but the main goal of any driver who uses this program is to eventually own their own, qualifying vehicle.

Rent To Own 

Ownership reduces the overall cost to the driver, which means that he or she gets to take home more money at the end of the day. There's no substitute for the freedom owning your own vehicle.

DriveItAway now offers its clients access to

Get Credit Healthy

at no additional cost.

Secure Your Future

Get Credit Healthy is a company that has cultivated a wealth of resources and established a network of non-profit professionals who specialize in credit remediation and rehabilitation. GCH has already helped thousands of clients qualify for the loans and financing that they needed. DriveItAway is proud to provide this service to its clients at absolutely no cost.